Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 wrap up

Hey All,

It's Been a while since I have posted a blog on here besides doing this on our face book group page
(check out link) http://www.facebook.com/groups/ce4cministries/

So any ways. I have my personal YouTube page besides the CE4C Ministries
( http://www.youtube.com/ce4cministries )  Where you can see all the old videos in the past. We might bring it back some day down the road. Have you seen the new WebSite? With new Intro Video? The Site up date will be updated again down the road as well. http://contactentertainmentforchrist.weebly.com/

2011 is ending going on to 2012 Who Knows what will happen in 2012 but we did have a blessed 2011 with the new friends of Christian Wrestling Federation http://www.christianwrestling.com/
With a Wonderful feed back and support with the CWF and their stars.

The biggest lost we had in the wrestling world is the late great Macho Man Randy Savage. Our Prayers are still with the Family as they are having Christmas to gather with Randy. 

We Have been very happy with the WWE being PG. More and more fan are joining in, Mostly Alot of Christians have been more into it. Alot more people I talk to at my Local Church have told me they are watching WWE with their kids and Their kids enjoying each signal moment of it. The PG rating may not be the same as it was back in 70's,80's and early 90's But its well worth it.

We could go on about the year but so much has gone on and will take probley 3 pages or more.
These short blogs are really good if you have a short attention span and can't handle long blogs.(lol)

Hope every one has a had a great year. and the best is yet to come.

-Derek Werstiuk
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Saturday, July 9, 2011



to show christian fighters in Wrestling,MMA/UFC. These Are the true

Warroirs of Christ that in their professtion are not afraid of the

Gospel. If you are a believer or a non believer in Christ? You will be

interested to know about their lifes in side and out side of their



shortly after the WWE superstar Chris Benoit Mured his Family. Contact

sports seemed dark and Their was no light. Contact Entertainment for

Christ was formly knowen as CHRISTIAN WRESTLING FAN(CWF) was created by

Derek "D'Rock" Werstiuk. Derek Created a group on Facebook that 1st

showed Christian wrestlers and that their was good in wrestling. And

that God can use such things as wrestling to show for his Glory.

Christian wrestling fan a year later in 2008 a myspace page was created

and was hopfuly would bring the Ministry closer togather and would be

promoted and Shared. Later in 2009 The Ministry needed to be shaken up

and turned into a new path of Life and Ministry openings which is

leaded into the word OF the Mix Marshal Arts (MMA) world such as UFC.

And then rebirthed into CONTACT ENTERTIANMENT FOR CHRIST(CE4C) And boxing.

Since now CONTACT ETERTAINMENT FOR CHRIST is still growing and still

yet to be into new heights. Growing into the light and is happy to be

sharing with great partners and ect.

You will be happy to see this in Ministry and to share in the life of

our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Light into the world of Contact

sports such as Wrestling,MMA/UFC. and boxing

of both Pro Wrestling and the MMA/UFC Boxing in the christian side of Things.


for more info e-mail: contactentertainmentforchrist@gmail.com

Monday, February 21, 2011


Life is a fight. All ways thriving to make our ways through. When you have guide lines life seems to be easier to get through. But how about those who don't have guide lines?  It seems they are all ways going through something or trying to get there lifes in order. Whats more effective not just with guide lines but when we have Christ in our lifes.

Wrestlers,MMA fighters, Boxers all have guide lines when they are in fights or matches (wrestlers) There guide lines are there to keep them safe and not hurt. Thats like us in life. Rules and guide lines are there to keep us safe and and not to get hurt.

 When Mooses was guiding his People to the promis land. He was there to keep them all safe and whats even more to keep them safe was the the Ten commandments. It was there to keep them safe. The law back then was no difference hen today ages. They are all there to keep us safe and un-hurt.

So what else can keep us safe in life besides what I talked about? How about the bible is a good book of guidance? going to church? Or how about our parents?

Love to hear your thoughts about this. e mail us at contactentertainmentforchrist@gmail.com

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is here.

Wow 2011! Where has 2010 gone? 2010 had so much in the contact world from deaths to many others. 2010 WWE had alot of Christian contact with Christian bands songs on their WWE  Pay Paper Views (PPV) From Toby Mac to Skillit and theres Christian wrestlers As Pastor Million dollar man Ted Dibaise.sr was excepted into the Hall Of  Fame 2010.

With Contact Entertainment For Christ Ministries We had amazings things that God had blessed with. From the start of our youtube to starting our blog page. It was also blessed with one of the team memebers Drake who went to Christian Wrestling school down in Texas and then finding his true calling of what God had for him, We also Welcomed Shane to the team. In the Facebook Group has growen for more into the states and into Africa and more so in Canada as well. We had a Messege from a Christian brothern a Pastor in Africa who has used our matrieal for his sermens and also giving us encourgement. And the Finle positive spot to this Ministry another partnership. If you have a Ministry and you want to partnership with us? E-mail us at contactentertianmentforchrist@gmail.com or at our web site http://www.contactentertainmentforchrist.weebly.com/ for more info how.

Then of course theres all ways the negitives in the Ministry. But theres nouthing to big for God to handel. The main thing when handle situtions is to turn your eyes on to Jesus Christ and Pray, But also have people praying with you and tag team with you. Theres nouthing wrong of having partnership in prayer. I can't count of how many attacks that we had commen into us to close the Ministry. Now I won't say any names because we all know that it is the pass as we look forward down the road that Christ has layed for us.

In the wrestling world we have lost Christian Sister wrestler of Luna Vachon, but also it was a Celabration. We continoue to pray for the Family. Contact Entertainment For Christ Ministries is also praying for Former WWF/E Champion Super Star Billy Graham aka Wyan Colmen, we truly believe for Gods will for his life at this time as Doctors say he wouldn't make it. Super Star is a former pastor but still walking with God.

As we go into 2011 and we get more into MMA and Boxing in the next year or so. We can never for get about you fans of MMA,Boxing. We also be in the next weeks we will be praying for the Contact Entertainment World and where we should be doing.

We hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also pray for each and signal all of you as well.

God Bless.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What R we about and who we serve

Contact entertainment for christ Ministries been a ministry for about 6 years now. We been ministring to fans of the contact entertainment world of christian believers and non christian believers. With every ministry comes great prices.
"Every body has a price for the Millian Dollar Man!"-Pastor Ted Dibaise.sr

When you minister to people you don't do it for your self. You do it for God and his kingdom, you share his word to help other people live the life. Kinda like what WWE superstar CM.Punk charater is like on T.V. Punk had lived as his gimmick that you should never drink or do drugs and live a pure life. I think CM.Punk has all most got it with the Christian life. The onley thing with CM punk that he didn't get was that Christ is the onley saviour you need to life a pure thought. Thats what Contact Entertainment For Christ Ministries (CE4CM) is showing to show fans, but not onley fans but the Contact Entertainment wrestlers,MMA fighters, and Boxers. That you can have a nice clear and pure life with out the drugs and alcohol, The ONLEY thing that they need is Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Christ can help you get the body you want and that can keep you going in every day life.

He can take the pain away and give you what you need in every day life. CE4CM is working on getting to these major companies and the messege that we have for them and their emplyees. Christians in the Contact Entertainment World have showen alot of their faith in their respected industries.

(H)eart (B)reak (K)id Shawn Micheals- As he goes down the ramp and half ways down he goes on his knees and raises his hands in the air and looks up and sayes "Its not about me, Its all about YOU."

Matt Hughes -on his web site http://www.matt-hughes.com/ he has a banner, he has the Bible verse that sayes "I can do all things in Christ" phil 4:13 and also in his web page he has Bible verses all through out his blogs.

Evander Holyfield- He is very well open to his about his faith when it comes to Interviews. and even when hes in the boxing ring he goes and hugs his oppents and tells them that Jesus loves them.

Those are just a few of the major head liners of their respected industries. There are alot more of them out there just go to our web page of http://www.contactentertainmentforchrist.weebly.com/ for their web pages and other Ministries and even more infos of us and our partners. We are happy to be sharing of what we do and what we show to people around the world. We are growing as a ministry as we grow to other countries of Canada,USA and now Africa and hopen to be growing in other countries that have viewed us. We would love to hear from you at our e-mail address at contactentertainmentforchrist@gmail.com. or if you are on facebook search for us by using CE4CM. and fellow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ce4c and also don't forget our youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/ce4cministries we would love to talk to you if you want the same Jesus as we surve or just to talk of what we do. or any thing even give us your feed backs. Just remember Jesus loves you and so do we.

Thanks for reading.

CE4C founder/ analyst
Derek "D'Rock" Werstiuk